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With the help of «Literary Tarot», with the click of a button you can create a three-act dramatic plot, which today is considered a generally recognized format for genre literature, film drama and game scripts. If some key points in the resulting plot seem to you poorly compatible with each other, you can clicking on the «Generate» button. In the Literary Tarot, the plot is built according to the following scheme:

1. Exposition
• The problem
• Antagonist
• Trigger
2. Act I
• Beginning
• Obstacle
• Peripetia «Fortunately»
3. Act II
• Surprise
• «From happiness to unhappiness»
• Action hero
4. Act III
• Climax
• Decisive choice
• End

Let us dwell on each of the points. The exhibition provides some input data that have a global impact on the entire plot. The theme is what problem the main character will solve throughout the work. An antagonist is one who will oppose him.
And finally, the trigger is a key event that will predetermine the climax and help the hero achieve victory. This last item is placed in the exposition, and not in the third act for the reason that the gun must be charged and hung on the wall as early as possible, so that in the end it rumbles properly. In other words, the climax must be prepared in advance. Next comes the plot itself.

The first act introduces us to the main character and other characters, poses a problem for GG and makes him take active steps to resolve it. Despite the occurrence of a serious obstacle, the hero must succeed. However, in the second act, we learn that this success is a spoon of honey in a tar barrel, and the problems are much more serious than they seemed at first glance. Moreover, with his actions the hero opened a hornet`s nest and forced the antagonist to strike back. By the beginning of the third act, it seems that everything is already lost. Misfortunes fall on the hero one by one, until an event occurs that should finally finish him off. This event is the beginning of a climax. But here it turns on trigger, and the hero gets a second wind.

As you can see, in its structure, the dramatic plot is a bit like a sports competition in which the hero must win against the antagonist with a score of 2: 1. But these points are not equal. Their importance is increasing. Here are again three key points in the plot: a small victory at the end of the first act, a complete collapse of hopes and the apparent victory of the villain – at the end of the second, and the final victory of good – at the end of the third.

I wish you success in working with the generator!